The Right Latitude

The Right Latitude provides support to companies and their employees looking for a positive local integration.

The Right Latitude gives tools to entrepreneurs and scholars who are about to embark on their cross-culture career.

Being in tune with industries globally, yet finding a place rooted for work and personal life, is key to a prosperous and lasting success.

Let’s embrace everyday challenges as a chance of progress. Welcome to The Right Latitude: Knowledge for your future

” This is the must-do training combining background information on Singapore’s exceptional recent growth and tips in a multi-ethnic environment. Claire has worked several years in a local company. She can provide you with good practices coming from her own experience and she can well adapt to her specific client needs’.



” Thanks to you for this training. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot of new things that I was not aware of. It changed my vision of the country and its people.