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Why The Right Latitude?

My name is Claire Janaudy, with over 11 years in the mobility industry, I am experienced in advising and managing international moves worldwide. You could say that I have a comprehensive knowledge of the mobility process from the inside – out.

I am French and I lived and worked in France, the US, the UK and of course Singapore since January 2014. I am married and a mother of two girls. I also have a dog… a “Singapore Special” of course!

From a professional point of view, I am about logistics, process, and efficiency.

From a personal point of view, I am about discovering, understanding and adjusting.

I have lived outside France for 20 years now. I have been abroad as a teen exchange student and a professional in large companies; but also a young adult, a married wife, and a mother. I know the challenges of being away from families and friends. I understand what it is like to be sick, abroad and by myself or having to worry about loved ones who are away. I know how long it takes for a place to become familiar…

The reasoning behind the training I am offering is to give others a chance to feel at home as quickly as possible. What motivates me is to give the benefit of understanding Singapore as much as possible, in order to develop a person’s confidence towards the challenges and opportunities that are ahead.

The Right Latitude is about giving knowledge, towards a happy personal and professional new life.

I look forward to working with you and for Singapore to become your place of choice. You have arrived at The Right Latitude.



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