About TRL

Work Culture anyone?

Work culture training in Singapore?

International business does not mean without culture or traditional references. On the contrary, one should be attentive to the local process. The Right Latitude provides answers to professionals in their new work environment. Our sessions enable the expatriation to be more successful and rewarding for the company and the individual.

You are a professional, well trained and knowledgeable in your field of expertise. You have all the information about Singapore…Yet, you feel something’s not quite right at the office. You are not getting the feedback you were expecting. What is the difficulty currently slowing down your professional integration? You know something is amiss but no one is giving you clues…

It is time to step back and pick up our local work culture training. The Right Latitude offers life-based training sessions and behavior know-how on business etiquette in Singapore. We dispense guidance and support toward a successful acclimation to the work culture in our “little red dot”.

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