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“What does it take to go and live abroad?  10 attributes to a successful experience.”

capturing-the-human-heart-TrhLCn1abMU-unsplashA person considering going abroad receives plenty of advice, but what does it take to actually go abroad and live abroad?

Today, I want to congratulate the optimist, the curious, the courageous. The ones who naturally question themselves yet venture to new pastures. The ones that are happy with what they have achieved so far, yet still want to challenge and learn some more….

Here are 10 attributes to a successful experience abroad : 

1Curiosity: Obviously. Have the appetite to discover something new and the drive to venture outside the known and familiar  

2Having a good sense of self: Make own opinion with an open mind  

3 Self motivation: Initiate change and welcome opportunities 

4 Worry about regrets more than failure: Learning from mistakes is always valuable 

5Sense of adventure: Welcome the unexpected and the diversity 

6Enjoy the challenge: Relish not knowing the answer to something new 

7Opportunity seeker: Identify ideas worth keeping

8Experience, understand and analyse: Cherish cross cultural learning*

9Optimistic: Use life-lessons-experiences towards something positive

10Friendship and love: Share this time with the ones you love and care for. Look forward and savor the chance to meet new friends.

Maybe it takes a different kind of person to go and live abroad. 

For sure it changes a person’s perspective on life. 

What feels like an obvious thing to do for some, can also become a lonely experience for others. Going to live abroad is crucially different from being forced to go. One needs to feel ready rather than be 100% readyEnjoy the anticipation’s jitters as you prepare to go abroad, and remember that no one can “future-proof” an adventure, or a new life experience.

Finally, I would encourage anyone with the opportunity to travel to do so, plus of course congratulate the ones who are already experiencing it.  



* Take advantage of The Right Latitude’s training offer

Photo by Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash

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