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Become a bridge rather than a middleman


You have arrived in Singapore and you are ready to bring your knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to your new role. You know that this is going to be an experience rich in opportunities and also a chance to demonstrate your ability in leadership, to express yourself and evolve.

However, you are probably a middleman (woman) to some extent and you will need to demonstrate that you belong here if you want to stay and be more than a “flyby”.  

As a foreigner in Singapore, by definition you are a link, a mean for your company/corporation to reach further. You will be expected to perform and provide the added value as anyone else, yet at the same time you have in you the potential to provide more: inspire others.

It is a chance but this contains also challenges that one should be aware of.

Your first task will be adjusting to Singapore and your new role. Although Singapore is very welcoming and an “easy destination”, this task should not be overlooked. Showing interest in the social and economic environment, the land, the population, will be key to your successful local integration and acceptance. ( The Right Latitude is here to help: Core training )

Second, understand your stakeholders. The people you will be interacting with also come with a rich background. Here again, learn about the local history and ways of life to connect and grasp some unspoken truth…(The Right Latitude is here to help: Work Culture training)

Thirdly, recognize the company’s goal. Listen to the loud and subtle clues. Go and talk to your colleagues and get a sense of the company’s local culture. Once you are no longer the “exotic” center of attention, listen to the stories and past experiences shared. If your company is a branch, check out its history locally. Where do the employees come from, what is the company’s local competition, what are the idiosyncratic ways of your trade? With a little time, your past experience and the new understanding you’ve developed, you will become a bridge rather than a middleman.

Time for action:

Don’t be fooled, naive or overwhelmed: anticipate. One useful way to be part is to take part – sports/charity/pet … belong to something local (The Right Latitude is here to help: Orientation services, helping you settle-in ).  Don’t forget to give it time and remain optimistic!

Multiples rewards:

Because you step outside the box, you demonstrate that you are capable of finding new innovative solutions. Little by little you become valuable to your company here in Singapore. 

Welcome to The Right Latitude!

Kindly, Claire


About TRL

Work Culture anyone?

Work culture training in Singapore?

International business does not mean without culture or traditional references. On the contrary, one should be attentive to the local process. The Right Latitude provides answers to professionals in their new work environment. Our sessions enable the expatriation to be more successful and rewarding for the company and the individual.

You are a professional, well trained and knowledgeable in your field of expertise. You have all the information about Singapore…Yet, you feel something’s not quite right at the office. You are not getting the feedback you were expecting. What is the difficulty currently slowing down your professional integration? You know something is amiss but no one is giving you clues…

It is time to step back and pick up our local work culture training. The Right Latitude offers life-based training sessions and behavior know-how on business etiquette in Singapore. We dispense guidance and support toward a successful acclimation to the work culture in our “little red dot”.

About TRL, expertise area

Why The Right Latitude?

My name is Claire Janaudy, with over 11 years in the mobility industry, I am experienced in advising and managing international moves worldwide. You could say that I have a comprehensive knowledge of the mobility process from the inside – out.

I am French and I lived and worked in France, the US, the UK and of course Singapore since January 2014. I am married and a mother of two girls. I also have a dog… a “Singapore Special” of course!

From a professional point of view, I am about logistics, process, and efficiency.

From a personal point of view, I am about discovering, understanding and adjusting.

I have lived outside France for 20 years now. I have been abroad as a teen exchange student and a professional in large companies; but also a young adult, a married wife, and a mother. I know the challenges of being away from families and friends. I understand what it is like to be sick, abroad and by myself or having to worry about loved ones who are away. I know how long it takes for a place to become familiar…

The reasoning behind the training I am offering is to give others a chance to feel at home as quickly as possible. What motivates me is to give the benefit of understanding Singapore as much as possible, in order to develop a person’s confidence towards the challenges and opportunities that are ahead.

The Right Latitude is about giving knowledge, towards a happy personal and professional new life.

I look forward to working with you and for Singapore to become your place of choice. You have arrived at The Right Latitude.